Pricing Program Options

Each heating season Crabb pre-purchases a fixed quantity of propane and heating oil which allows us to offer pricing programs to our residential customers. These programs protect customers from higher prices during the winter season and give families the flexibility to choose a pricing option that works for them. Enrollment is only available on a first-come,first-served basis and is generally offered in the Spring and Fall of each year. For more information please give us a call at 585-492-2770.

Home Heating Oil and Propane

Fixed Price Program - This program provides the ultimate protection, as your price will never exceed the guaranteed low cap price. If the Crabb Energy market price is lower than your current cap price, you will pay the lower amount. However, if the market price increases, you will continue to pay your lower cap price. This program requires automatic delivery, credit approval, and a minimum of 500 gallons per season.

Pre-Buy Fixed Price - This program allows you to purchase your propane in bulk at the lowest price possible. We will deliver your propane throughout the heating season on an as-needed basis. This program requires a minimum purchase of 500 gallons.

Market Price - This is a variable price program that reflects the market price at the time of each delivery. The price will increase or decrease throughout the year depending on the fuels market. This program is available with will call or automatic delivery.