About Crabb Energy Products

Crabb Energy Products is a division of NOCO Energy Corporation, an 80+ year old energy company headquartered in Buffalo, New York. 

As an Arcade native from a young age, Harold Crabb became acquainted with Mr. Davis, a successful businessman who had partnered with two other Western New Yorkers to start an oil business in 1930 called Eddy, Davis and Lee, Inc. At this time, heating oil was furnished to homes and local farmers. Their office was located where the Arcade Herald is found today and the tank farm was on the corner of Bixby Hill Road and Main Street.

Mr. Davis, having no children of his own, quickly took to Harold, who became like a son to him. Once Harold grew up, Mr. Davis promised him a job after he finished serving his country in World War II. By 1945, Mr. Davis was the sole proprietor of Eddy, Davis, and Lee, Inc. and moved the office to its present location on West Main Street in Arcade. Around this time, Harold went to work for Mr. Davis.

In July of 1955, Harold purchased the business from Davis, and H.R. Crabb was formed. Harold recalls the fact that in 1946, kerosene and fuel were only 10 and 11 cents per gallon and at that time; he operated the business with just one pickup truck.

Jerry Crabb and Gene Ferington took over ownership in 1987 and later partnered with NOCO Energy in 2004. Today, Crabb Energy Products consists of an office building, garage, and bulk storage facility which houses gasoline, fuel oil, kerosene, on and off road diesel, propane, and lubricants. With a total storage capacity of over 134,000 gallons of energy product, we are able to deliver to customers within a 40 mile radius! Crabb Energy plans to continue to serve the community with old-fashioned, friendly and efficient service - the kind that has kept the customers of Crabb Energy Products coming back for years.