Fleet Fueling

Save your company time and money by signing up for Crabb fleet fueling. Our fueling service eliminates the time spent managing fuel purchases and inventory. Plus, every vehicle is fueled and ready to go each morning. We'll design a custom fuel delivery plan to meet your fueling needs. With Crabb fleet fueling, there are no more:

  • Stops at retail stations for fuel
  • Wasted time waiting in line
  • Wasted hours using company employees to fuel vehicles
  • Expense of buying and maintaining on-site fuel storage tanks

With our fleet fueling service there is no need for on-site fuel storage, eliminating extra insurance costs and liability. Plus, our fleet fueling service provides accurate inventory control and management. All of our professional drivers are equipped with a handheld bar code reader. Each vehicle is bar coded with a small sticker. Before delivering fuel, the bar code is scanned with the device and recorded for reporting purposes. You are then able to obtain detailed reports for each vehicle fueled. Contact us today and we'll prepare a customized analysis of your business and recommend the best fueling option for you.